Innovating telecom access solutions


Create innovative solutions to access phone networks


We aspire to be an example of a successful serial innovator company

About Us

We are an international telecommunications operator that provides voice and SMS services
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Founded in 1998 Headquartered in Mexico City

We aspire to be the preferred option for international long distance calls for carriers in the USA, Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean, as well as for contact centers in Mexico, with our own call platform for voice and sms services

Why choose Us?

Our MissionCreate innovative solutions to access phone networks

We are committed to always provide competitive prices, strict quality and custom made processes.

Why choose Us?

Our VisionTo be an example of a innovator company

We aspire to be an example of a successful serial innovator company.

Why choose Us?


1. Business Sense

Create Long-term value for our employees, business partners and investors.

2. Quality

Exceed expectations on the service we deliver.

3. Positive Mindset

Approach situations with willingness to resolve while showing respect to others.

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List of services we offer

Carrier Services


We specialize in international long distance traffic in Mexico, USA, Central America and The Caribbean.

Leader in Mexico Market since 1998.

Strong relationships with main mobile carriers, always ensuring competitive prices, quality and high level of service.




We have SMS service dedicated to special projects and large corporate
  • Mexico Short Code

  • Mexico Long Code

  • API Connection

  • SMS two-way

Contact Centers

We develop customized solutions for contact centers to simplify processes

We enable models for contact centers as a service with custom made capabilities and with services supported on a core of adaptive communications.


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Our HeadquartersPolanco, Masaryk 29

Call us+521-55-5201-4550